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5 Quick Ways to Speed up Outlook

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The Outlook Email users get multiple benefits when they install or update the latest version of the application. The user always needs the quality of solutions that allow when the updated app installed in your device. It always has multiple ways for using it in any device, however, speed up issues are very common to any user when there is a backup solution available for Outlook Email Toll-Free Number Ireland +353 1442 8988 that gives a complete package of solutions when there will be any issue creates. The instant help and ideas always give benefits when they follow guidance for resolution.

5 Steps and Quick Ways to Speed up Outlook 

Ø Disable Add-Ins

Firstly, the step probably makes the most effective way to unused add-ins. This can be disabled when it slows down your Outlook email. When the configuration process starts there is no need to dig into the application just for the continuity of this job. The Enable and Disable for Office are just launched when the deselect add-ins are not in use.

Ø IMAP Emails Downloaded Completely 

After disable Add-ins processes go to send/receive groups, Define Send/Receive Groups, select All Accounts and Click to Edit button. After that Select each account on the left button and make sure that completely downloaded items include the attachments for the subscribed folders. This makes the complete process of Outlook emails to your computer with not just headers that could be much faster.

Ø Compact PST Files 

The PST file space Outlook is not very efficient. When some files deleted from the PST file, it actually left for a long time before it is actually deleted. To solve the PST File issue, it helps to select the file that usually called Outlook or Personal folders. Press right-click on it and select the data file properties, then Advanced, and Now Compact. This process actually deletes the files from the deleted emails that make the Outlook faster and makes more free spaces into your computer.

Ø PST Files Repair 

The Outlook users don’t know that Outlook includes the tool to repair your PST files easily. And the files get corrupted some times for some devices. The entire files get corrupted very easily and very often when it is located at any of these locations.

  • Disk Drive or program files of Microsoft Office x86.
  • Disk Drive or program files of Microsoft Office.
  • Disk Drive or program files of x86 Office version.
  • Disk Drive or program files of Office version.

Run the files by selecting PST File and click on the Outlook, Data files Properties and then press Advanced.

Ø Disable the RSS Feature 

Go to the Tool, and then Options, Other, Advanced and remove the checkbox from Sync RSS Feeds to the common Feeds List and then, press OK.

This information may help you to get instant help for your Speed up Outlook email issues and reset the application easily. If you still face the same issue and unable to recover them with the following points then, contact Outlook Email Helpline Number Ireland +353 1442 8988.

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