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How to Get Access to Outlook Mail Settings in Windows 10?

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Windows 10 contains a built-in Mail app with the help of which you get access to all your different email accounts in one single interface. You don’t need to visit different websites to get access to email. Mail holds some of the known mail services including Yahoo, Gmail and other accounts that support POP or IMAP. You can easily set up your Windows 10 Mail application to get access to your domain email accounts. Even you can many other email accounts to your Mail to use it for sending and receiving the email. But sometimes, while adding mails or performing some setting to your account, you may face the trouble that it shows some errors and you don’t know how to handle it, in such case, dial Outlook Mail Settings in Windows 10 to get instant remedy for the trouble you are facing.

Easy Steps to access to Outlook Mail Settings with Technical Support Team

Windows 10 comes with the Mail app through which you can add and manage multiple email accounts in one place and if you face any issue while performing settings of your email accounts, then you can take the help of our Outlook Support team. However, our well-certified and experienced experts have suggested the following steps for easy access to your Outlook Mail Settings.

·         Open Windows 10 Mail app and press the “Get Started” icon.

·         Now add an account to get started.

·         Select “Settings” available on the lower-left corner of the screen.

·         Now, click on the account which you want to change settings.

·         Edit the account, you want to change.

·         Click “Done” and close the window.

Setting you can Perform on Your Outlook Mail Account

In the email setting panel, you can perform the following changes:

·         When messages arrive at every 15 or 30 or 60 minutes. Then, you can choose to download the items only when you click the button beside the account by clicking the manual option.

·         If you do not want to download a month’s worth of messages that you’ve already read, then you can choose another setting from this drop-down list.

·         Able to Sync Email Contacts or Calendars when you have certain actions and content delivery among different such as downloading your email to your phone or computer.

However, after these easy and effective steps, if you are still facing any trouble then, you can contact our Outlook Technical Support Phone Number +353-1442-8988 and get instant solution for all kinds of issues, you are facing in your Outlook email settings.

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